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Since our company’s creation, we have felt a profound obligation to contribute actively to the communities we live and work in. Though global in reach and expertise, we strive to establish local roots in the communities that embrace us. Through the Sigma Foundation, located in El Salvador and Guatemala, we aim to improve education, health and housing and culture and the environment in our region.

Culture and Environment

We know promoting culture benefits both society's intellectual development and an individual's personal growth. In addition to being enriching, literature, music, art and science, also constitute healthy entertainment alternatives for the population. We also believe sustainability and the environment are relevant topics that directly contribute to our communities' well being.


We believe that as the cornerstone of development in any society, education merits an important investment. We annually contribute to the education of 98,233 children and young adults.

Health and Housing

Certain human rights are not negotiable, and we believe health and housing belong in this category. Through a variety of organizations, our Foundation benefits over 300,000 people (health care for cancer patients, heart disease, and rehabilitation) and helps build over 42,000 houses a year.